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Named after the baddest Ninja known to an 80s Western Kid, Sub-Zero is a Ninja Hood cut from 300gsm polar fleece. This pieces masters a whole bunch of skills: Keeping you toasty in your helmet. Out in the elements. Round the campfire. Pull the top down for a scarf kinda thing. Or pull the front down for just a hood. Once it's on, it'll stay round your neck or head somehow. Available in two styles.


Why this Ninja Hood is the way it is 

We chose 300gsm polar fleece for a number of reasons, firstly, because it's incredibly soft and nice agains the skin or skull. Second, it's toasty, it insulates agains the cold. Then it's nice and thin, so it still fits under your helmet. And lastly, it has a nice stretch to it without losing its shape.

Now what about that front panel? Well, besides giving you a chiselled jawline with those contrast seams, that lower front section is also double layered, to give you extra protection against the wind. And thanks to its bib style cut you can tuck it at the front too, to make sure no heat escapes that way.

Looking closely, you'll see the top panels are joint by some crazy ass stitch. That's called a flat-lock seam. Basically the thinnest yet toughest way to join stretchy fabric. That way the bulk under your lid is kept to a minimum.

These hoods are a universal size and cut to be worn more loosely, as you can see in the images. That way they're way more comfortable when you wear them off the bike but still fit nicely under you helmet too. If you got any questions, please send us a message. Here to help.


Each hood is made by hand in our East London studio

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