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The tent that makes all the other tents realise
they're nothing but a bedroom

Meet the brand new Moto Hobo tent by Sea of Rocks


When you boil it down, the thinking behind designing most tents has traditionally been:

A shelter to give you a good night's sleep in the outdoors.

And in principal we wouldn't disagree with that. But why stop there? No matter what kind of adventure you're on. Whether you're back-packing, bike-packing or out on a motorcycle trip. We've always found the few hours before and after we're hitting the hay the most fun. 

So rather than creating a shelter for pure survival, the Moto Hobo tent is designed for living in the outdoors.​

It's easy to add functionality by increasing complexity. The Moto Hobo tent however has set out to help you get the most out of your adventure whilst still keeping things super simple. All you have to do is opening up the main zip and the tent transforms from a solid A-frame shelter into an open awning. Which creates a very unique setup for you to hang out in.


With the main zip opened up, you simply leave your sleeping gear inside the 40D ripstop bathtub floor and fold it back like a big old taco. Which creates a nice big area for you and your pal to sit, chat, cook and eat in – whilst protecting your gear at the same time.

Whether you're seeking shelter from the sun or the rain, the black 20D ripstop silicone nylon does a great job of blocking anything out.

You might think black is an odd choice for a flysheet, but nothing blocks the sun more – hello huge lie ins. And nothing attracts the bugs less – laters mosquitos. 

Yes black is like a magnet for sun rays. But thanks to the tent's well ventilated construction, this is anything but an issue. Quite the opposite in fact. In the colder months, you can utilise the late and early rays to warm up your shelter by keeping your vents closed for a bit. And when it comes to drying off any moisture from the night, black is king.
 Plus, come on, it's black, doesn't get sexier than that.


Both from an aesthetic as well as a functional point of view, you just can't beat the classic A-frame silhouette in our opinion. It holds up great against the wind, whilst still creating a nice space to sit up in.


When the clouds roll in, the Moto Hobo tent can be fully cinched down of course – keeping even the most horizontal rain out. 

Up front the flysheet creates a nice little porch area.
Allowing you to keep the waterproof door down and just close your bug net for a nicely ventilated main compartment.

At the foot-end you'll find a classic vestibule area. Big enough to store most of your gear. Easily accessible from both in- and outside.


Along both sides you'll find full length mesh panels, which in combination with the mesh doors either end, create a chimney effect.


This keeps your sleeping compartment nice and ventilated and condensation to a minimum.

Since these mesh panels are set in quite a bit, and the flysheet can be pegged down close to the ground, it won't get very draughty either. Making this tent a great three to four season shelter.


The Moto Hobo tent weighs in at 1.8kg. That includes the tent itself, 2 poles, 10 pegs, guy lines and the waterproof packsack. Which packs the whole setup down to 35 x 15 cm and easily attaches to whatever piece of kit you choose to take you out there. Be that your motorcycle, your bicycle or simply your backpack.

The Moto Hobo tent by Sea of Rocks will soon launch on kickstarter. And with your support it will be available for pre-order at a fraction of its future retail price.

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