3 BBQs in 2 Days

That's right

RAMBLINGS / 06.07.2019 / Mike

Clearly the reason you meet as early as 10am for a sub 200 mile motorcycle road trip stretched over 2 days is simply so you can take it easy out there. 

Packing up, coffee, fitting new carbs, more coffee, fixing snapped cables, fuelling up, all before you even hit the M25. And once you’re out, just lock in at 60 and cruise along. Well, until the next gas station, chopper boys ey. But yeah, once you’re past Tunbridge Wells things get pretty sweet. Roads nice enough to spend all day on. Unless you’re Chris’ XS750 which must have shat itself and blew a fuse as my old Beemer ripped past it. At least he had the decency to break down next to a nice country pub. Quick pint for the men on their Choppers, and a shandy for the boy on his BMW then. 

Getting lost in an industrial estate before finding a quiet spot in a field near Sheffield Green to set up camp. And rest from this strenuous rally, hahaha. Who says “You gotta earn that burger and beer”? Fuck off, I’ve been working all week, don’t need to finish the Paris Dakar on top now right? Local brews, Scotch and Midnight bacon from the fire pit, just because.

You’ll come across a lot of great smells on a weekend like this. Your boots, T-Shirt, greasy hands and questionable breath aren’t any of them though. Nothing worse than waking up trapped with that explosive gas mixture in a conventional tent. Open shelter all the way guys, strange smells along with any condensation fly off before you know it. And getting woken up early by the sound of rain without having any of it in your tent gets me every time. So good.

Given we had no place to be, there was loads of time for the last part of our trilogy, a breakfast BBQ. Some of the roads were just too beautiful though. Guess that’s why the Pan decided to shoot out its baffle and fling it our way as we were riding along. Jeez, keeps it real and us on our toes I guess. Was a good couple of days. Nothing serious, which is what it’s all about.

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